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Sunday Speaking Club

Опубликовано 19.04.2023

Приглашаем всех желающих проверить свои знания английского на практике на наш разговорный клуб в воскресенье, 23 апреля!


We are inviting you to our Sunday Speaking Club on 23 April at 5 p.m.

It will be hosted by our teacher Anastasia (Anastasia’s page)


разговорный клуб в студии английсокго смарт


The recommended participation level of the English is B1 and above.
To check your level take the test on our website smart-krd.ru/proyti-test

Our address: Krasnodar, Krasnaya st. 160, office 305.

Service fee for participation - 350 rubles.

Cookies and tea for a comfortable stay are included.

You can book your place until Saturday evening.
We can arrange a meeting if there are at least 5 participants. The number of meeting participants is up to 10 people.

To find out more and sign up, please use form below or leave a request by phone or WhatsApp and +79288849983

Поля, помеченные символом *, обязательны для заполнения.